The Dixie Daddies were founded in 1998.SanVicenteCollage

Its membership has changed over the years but the group remains dedicated to keeping dixieland music alive in the Santa Barbara area. Today the group consists of a banjo, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax, piano, an upright bass and drums.

The Dixie Daddies is proud to play for its own amazement when it performs for retirement homes and churches.


Past Events

Feb 6 12pm UCSB
Mar 1 3pm Atterdag Village
Mar 13 1pm 1st Presbyterian Church
Mar 15 6:30pm Valle Verde
Jan 13 3pm Vista del Monte
Mar 14 1pm 1st Presbyterian Church
Mar 17 10:15am The Californian
Mar 24 2pm Atterdag Village, Solvang
Apr 6 6:30pm Friendship Manor
June 28 5pm Casa Dorinda
July 14 4pm Vista del Monte
July 20 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 25 4pm Encina Royale
Aug 31 10am First Presbyterian Church
Sep 23 12pm St. Raphael’s Church
Oct 3 8am Senior Expo – Earl Warren Showgrounds
Oct 16 11:30am Assistance League
Oct 26 3pm The Californian
Dec 6 5pm 1st Thursday – Faulkner Gallery
Dec 16 3pm The Californian
March 24 6:30pm Friendship Manor
April 29 2:30pm The Californian
June 21 5:30pm Casa Dorinda
July 3 11am St. Andrew’s Church
July 21 10am 1st Presbyterian Church
July 28 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 12 2pm Vista del Monte
Sep 24 12:45pm St. Raphael’s Church
Nov 10 2pm Santa Barbara Village
Dec 2 6pm Encina Royale
Mar 18 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Apr 2 7pm Encina Royale
Apr 6 12pm UCSB
June 2 5:15pm Santa Barbara First Thursday
July 3 11am St. Andrews Church
July 29 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 4 5:15pm Santa Barbara First Thursday
Aug 27 4pm SB Mobile Home Park
Sep 10 5:30pm Casa Dorinda
Oct 23 2:30pm The Californian
Oct 27 7pm Valle Verde
Nov 7 4pm Hillside House
Dec 16 6pm Encina Royale
Dec 17 2:30pm The Californian
Feb 11 12pm UCSB
Feb 19 3:45pm Atterdag, Solvang
Feb 21 3pm Larry’s Neighborhood
Feb 27 6:30pm Friendship Manor
May 2 2:15pm Santa Barbara Yacht Club
July 5 11am St Andrews Church
July 24 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 23 2:30pm The Californian
Aug 26 4pm Hillside House
Sep 27 2pm St. Raphael Church
Sep 30 4pm Vista Del Monte
Oct 7 8:15am Sr Expo- Earl Warren
Dec 20 2:30pm The Californian
Feb 1 12pm Oxnard Channel Island Vineyard Church
Mar 18 11:30am Assistance League
Mar 27 6:30pm Wood Glen Hall
Apr 22 2:30pm SB Convalescent Hosp
May 30 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 13 4pm Hillside House
Sept 6 10am Santa Barbara Yacht Club
Sept 14 1pm Tucker’s Grove
Sept 28 2:30pm Los Banos Pool
Oct 1 8:30am Sr. Citizen’s Expo (Earl Warren Showgrounds)
Oct 11 afternoon Birthday Party
Oct 20 7pm Santa Barbara Community Church
Nov 30 5:30pm Santa Barbara Yacht Club
Dec 9 2:30pm SB Convalescent Hospital
May 25 12:00pm Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Jun 11 2:30pm SB Convalescent Hospital
Apr 5 3:30pm Atterdag Village of Solvang
Jun 28 2:30pm Villa Riviera
Jul 6 2:00pm San Vicente Clubhouse
Jul 19 6:30pm Friendship Manor
Aug 14 1:00pm Rockwood Women’s Club
Aug 20 4:00pm Hillside House
Sep 29 12:30pm St. Rafael Church
Oct 2 8:30am Sr. Citizens Expo
Oct 4 2:30pm SB Convalescent Hospital
Oct 23 12pm UCSB
Nov 3 9:25am Grace Lutheran Church
Nov 16 1:30pm Victoria Theatre
Dec 7 5pm San Vicente
Dec 14 2:30pm SB Convalescent Hosp